music teaching


Stay focused on music teaching while trivs Coach covers the tooling.


Your students will develop a sustainable practice routine.


Trivs Coach is free and works on any device.

The trivs way of music education:

Your students start building a practice habit

trivs app is the practice companion for any musician. It has all the tools needed for practicing built in, such as a metronome, audio player and time keeper. It helps your student to set and achieve their goal to build a sustainable practice habit.

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Send exercises to your students trivs app

trivs is the easiest way to communicate with your students - you don't have to care if a certain student is reachable by the parent's email, messenger, or whatever.

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Create or reuse exercises on the fly

Formulate the next exercises for your students during or after lessons. Describe the content, configure the metronome and record or attach some audio file.

Exercises can also be reused for other students.

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The full chronology

Quickly get an overview of what you worked on recently with each student. View past exercises as well as comments and notes from previous lessons.

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All your students in one place

Tired of using various tools and apps to work with your students?

trivs Coach helps to organise your students and their exercises. It allows direct communication with your students, making other channels obsolete.

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trivs Coach is free and works on any device

trivs Coach is a web application that works on any device (phone, tablet or computer).

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